Before I give you all the info on the fitness program I ordered, I decided you all should know my back story!

Growing up I’ve always been the bigger sister (physically), the bigger friend, the big girlfriend. I remember wearing a pant in size 9 (U.S.) in ELEMENTARY! I knew that wasn’t healthy, I was obviously very big for my age. My pant size didn’t change until my 8th grade year where I went from a 9 to a size 12. I figured “I’m getting older, I’m growing.”

 My sisters would never really pick on me, but they would say things like “You can’t try that on, you’ll stretch it out.” I knew they didn’t mean it in a cruel way, but it hurt me inside. As high school rolled around I joined the Power lifting team, which is a sport in which you lift heavy weight for competition. I maintained my weight throughout high school because that was a requirement for power lifting, what was that weight you ask? It was 180 lbs. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS at 5 feet tall and 2 inches. My IDEAL weight should be around 145 lbs. Knowing this information I still continued to eat the way I did. 

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I gained even more weight! Everyone tells you about the dreadful FRESHMAN FIFTEEN, but I did not gain my freshman fifteen, rather, I gained 30… Yes you read correctly, THIRTY pounds within a span of 10 months. That is extremely unhealthy. I was now sitting at 210 lbs. I would go from 210 to 212 lbs. (Since I am being honest)

I came home the next summer, on a mission. I gathered my friends and asked them to join me in a healthier lifestyles, and they greatly accepted! I lost 15 lbs within 2 months, that was my summer.
 I went back to school the following August weighing 198 lbs and swore that I would maintain the eating habits I had established. That did NOT happen. I began eating late night fast food, my roommate and I would enjoy some snacks while we had a movie night and lastly I did not continue working out. I gained weight once again and weighed in at 206 lbs. Not too far from where I started. 

My mom later got quite ill and I made let that be an excuse as to why I ate. I would say things like “I’m worried, I should eat ice cream”, or “I’m sad I’m going to get some fries to cheer me up.”  It was all unhealthy and quite bad. I came back home for good, and realized that a healthy lifestyle was right at my fingertips all I needed was the “want” for it. One of sisters owns a Zumba studio, literally down the street from my home, my other sister sells great pills to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but yet here I was making excuses. 

So I am here now, 2 weeks in my healthier lifestyle, and it’s easier than I remember. I’ve been going to zumba 5 days a week, eating better and drinking the pills my sister has given me. I have gone down 6 lbs within ALMOST 2 weeks (I have not finished the 2 weeks just yet) I will be getting my fitness program very soon, maybe tomorrow, so I will begin that! 
I’m turning 21 in just 7 months, and my sister will be getting married in 12 months, and I want to look great for both events & that is what is helping me to stay focused.
Now that you know about my battle with myself and my weight, I would like you to join me or be a motivational team for this journey. 
Let me know how you keep active and your favorite meals you think I should try!
I love you all babes! 
xoxo, K

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