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The Best Fashion in the RGV | Fashion Fest 2017

With 2018 right around the corner we have to start thinking about our #NewYearNewMe outfits and everything that comes with that “new me,” so it was only right to go to Fashion Fest to get major inspo.

Fashion Fest, created by Mali Corpus, is something that the RGV needed in order to push its fashion world to the next level. After six years, I finally decided I’d attend because, although I never attended I had heard about it throughout the years.

Mali Corpus, the creator of Fashion Fest, is a total boss babe when it comes to fashion. She is constantly pushing boundaries and stepping out of her comfort zone in order to rock bomb ass outfits.

Photographer / Mike Sanchez at Infinite Magazine


It’s a huge event where fashion aficionados from every corner of the RGV come together to see what the RGV has to offer. The event brings shops under one roof to create a runway show to inspire you while using their own unique pieces from each store. Think VS fashion show but with real clothes on. The one thing I love about Fashion Fest is how each runway show was completely different and it even included some shops and designers that aren’t from the valley!


Fashion Fest wasn’t what I expected but in a good way. The people were so friendly and there were so many styles which meant everyone’s style was celebrated. Black on black is my go-to and cleavage will always get a yes from me so I opted for a mesh peplum top that covered all the goods, black tights, and black booties. I did get a lot of compliments so I knew I was doing the thing! ?‍♀️ As you walked into the lobby vendors filled the room, people were obvi taking fab pics of themselves in their outfits, and I hovered over the bar so I could make sure my hand was never empty.


Photographer / Mike Sanchez
at Infinite Magazine

I mentioned that so many shops came together to star in the runway and when I say shops (plural) I mean shopsssss. About twelve different shops/designers created a single file line, one after the other. The DJ created the best vibe you could possibly ask for at a fashion show.

Mali had her own store, The Glass House, present at Fashion Fest and as you’d expect, it did not disappoint! It was exactly what you’d expect from Mali. She brought everyday pieces and created artwork once they strutted down the runway.  It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it definitely pushed boundaries but it inspired you so much that you just couldn’t wait to buy the clothes off the models *cue the vendors outside*


Photographer / Mike Sanchez
at Infinite Magazine


Knowing people in the fashion world is pretty hard to come by in the RGV but when you enter a little bubble of people whose passion is fashion then it’s not that hard. If you’re one of those people who love fashion then you need to attend next years Fashion Fest! The most fashionable people I know were all there, so that’s how you know you gotta make it next year! If you need inspo, like me, or just want to meet amazing people then get your ass outside and strut into Fashion Fest because people from all walks of life come to Fashion Fest.





Who’s your favorite designer/ brand that seems to always kill it on the runway?

-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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