The Bootie Call Agreement: Don’t Buy Unless You Love

It’s not hard answering to our needy bootie calls. Boots are an ESSENTIAL for Fall & Winter season so we can’t help but buy’em, love’em and show ’em off. Whether you’re petite, short, average or tall booties have the power to accentuate your body in ways you could never imagine (yes, even through the layers and layers of sweaters, cardigans and scarfs!)

Growing up, I pretty much figured I was going to be tall when I would get asked over and overagain “Hey, can you reach that for me?” or “Wow, I feel so short around you…” I then succumbed to the fact that 90 percent of my jeans in middle school would then look high water AF–or how we say in South Texas bien brinca charcos AF–in all of my pictures.

So bootie hunting for me revolves around accentuating my long legs instead of hiding them. This Fall season, I’ve been bootie called by two different pairs of boots: a short platform bootie and an on-the-knee suede heeled bootie. Yes, even though I’m tall, I still love my booties with a little heel because they give me the extra bounce + boost when I strut down the city streets.

Charcoal Platform Bootie

This charcoal platform pair is my go-to bootie that I can’t seem to live without. They’re comfortable, easy to walk in and oh so chic! You can dress them up or style them down. I decided to pair them with high waisted vintage embroidered girlfriend jeans, a long cardigan, fringed statement earrings and my favorite Lipstick & Vodka Tee. These babies are available at Target for literally less than $45!

Why these booties work for me:

I love their versatility. I love how they can be easily worn with several different kinds of jeans like skinnies, flares, bell bottoms, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even bootcut if you’re feeling the country vibes. They’re not closed down to only a certain body type or height. Literally, anybody can wear these and ROCK them. Oh, and they’re also so easy to put on if you’re always on the occasional run!

On the Knee Suede Heeled Bootie:

This bootie called my name the minute I saw they were available in olive green. Heck yeah! This pair is perfect to help accentuate your long legs. In my case, I used them to bust out a torn black mini skirt I hadn’t used in a looong time because I felt that with normal heels it made me look to hoochy or uncomfortable in general. I paired these beauties with a faux fur sleeveless coat, a dark seaweed green top, and a thin black belt. So guess how much these booties cost? Less than $55 at Nordstrom!

Why these booties work for me:

They’re a statement piece. I am obsessed with how beautifully they adorn and accentuate legs period. These work for me because I don’t have to worry about accessorizing more or less; the booties simply show off on their own. YAY for statement booties! I just love how they can be easily paired with sweater dresses, rompers or skirts. These babies are definitely worth the hunt!

So far, these have been on my wardrobe-repeat list for the last couple of weeks. I style them up and dress them down depending on the occasion and weather. Living in South Texas is pretty much living in a weather limbo so I have to be ready! Chanclas one day, boots the other! What are your favorite bootie “picks” for the season? I want to know!



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