The girl behind the lipstick… and some vodka

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Hello there! I’m Karla, a Texas girl who was raised with traditional Mexican values. If you know anything about traditions in a Mexican culture, you know this will be a whole lot of fun. I enjoy life and take it one day at a time and try to get the most out of each and every day.
 I recently jumped out of my so called shy shell and began loosening up. I began this blog December of 2014 and hope to continue as the years pass us by. 

Lipstick and Vodka began as a silly name with my friend in high school where I thought it was so clever and cool to incorporate some type of alcohol in my tumblr name. As the years continued I fell more and more in love with the name, coincidentally lipstick is my favorite beauty product and vodka goes great with just about anything. I decided to stick with the name because it is who I am now. I was finally 21 and loved me some makeup. 
Let’s just be honest, I’m just an ordinary, small town girl,  who is trying to get a sense of who she is and I hope you all stay along for the ride. Here you’ll be able to view how fond I am of beauty products, help me organize my chaotic life with my planner fandom, and as of late, my incapability of working out. 
I encourage you all to join me in the fun of beauty and have a few shots of vodka with me πŸ˜‰
Let me know you’re sticking around by leaving a comment down below 
xoxo, Karla

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