The Yard on Dallas

McAllen seems to be popping up with new and unique places. The Yard, a new food truck park and craft cocktail bar, seems to be gaining momentum in the McAllen area. The grand opening last week brought in people from all over the RGV, and honestly, The Yard may be one of the most unique bars I’ve come across.  

The Yard’s open concept not only attracts millennials because it’s so Instagram worthy but anyone who enjoys unique drinks with awesome food (read: everyone.) I’m just waiting for summer to come through so we can truly enjoy what The Yard has to offer because who doesn’t love the RGV weather during the summer?

When I first walked into The Yard I was surprised at how instagramable it truly is. It has a playful vibe that I’m starting to see pop up in the RGV. It has an “indoor” section that is in, what seems to be brightly colored shipping containers and I must say, it is very quirky and unique.

The eclectic look is 100% on point in this cute new bar. Bright yellow picnic tables fill up the back, short black cocktail tables with bright blue chairs are placed in the front and community tables sit in the middle under a roof and right near the best part: THE BAR!

You’re probably thinking, “ok, Karla. We want to know about the drinks!” We’re getting there y’all!

During the grand opening of The Yard, complimentary champagne was provided but you know I had to try one of their quirkiest drinks. The drink that I got was the Hear No Evil which is 1 of 3: Hear/Speak/See No Evil. This drink is the one you’ll see almost all over Instagram because of the cute glass it comes in. A monkey, either covering its ear, mouth, or eyes, depending on which drink you’ve chosen. Don’t worry though, the Hear/Speak/See No Evil is created to share or to enjoy alone.

I loved the whole pet-friendly idea because you all know, my Rocky Bear is my everything. If I can’t enjoy a drink and have bonding time with him, why even go right? I’m still trying to figure out how the whole potty break situation works out. That’s just me overthinking and overanalyzing every situation that is put in front of me.

So what’s up with the food trucks? Although, I did not try any of the food, because I came for the drinks. Duh! I saw so much diversity when it came to food. There were locally owned restaurants being represented as well as some more commercial food trucks.

My overall experience at The Yard was so fun and I can’t wait to go back. If you check it out let me know and send me all your cool pictures!


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