Travel Beauty Essentials!

If you’re anything like me your family will decide to take a quick weekend trip to where ever they’ve decided without your input! These weekend trips are quick, usually to places where I won’t necessarily need my travel case of makeup, but I will not be out with my bare skin! So here are some essentials I take on my weekend trips
BB Cream: this is perfect for those travel days. I usually break out when I’m on the road, I don’t know what it is, but heavy foundation is no bueno for me on the road. BB Creams are light and cover perfectly for natural days.
Baby Skin Primer: You need your makeup to stay on all day! There is no other explanation.
Age Rewind Concealer: Everyone knows when you travel you barely get any sleep, you’re either doing touristy things or just going out! So cover up those dark circles girlfran! 
Chap Stick: You need to keep your lips hydrated at all times!
Stay Matte Translucent powder: This is great for setting your concealer & like it says STAY MATTE! No one likes a shiny forehead 🙁
Pressed Powder: I use this on top of my BB Cream, I really can’t deal with a dewy finish on myself (You don’t need this, if you don’t mind the dewy finish)
Blush: COLOR! You just need to add color! 
Lip Color: This is a nude color it just adds a little oomph to my lips 
Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel: this is to darken the brows quickly and help them stay in place, I know my baby’s like to run off!
Mascara: If you decide to not use any of the above items, at least pack some mascara! Mascara is your friend. I promise!
I hope this helped on basic stuff you need for a weekend trip. If you have questions or suggestions go ahead and leave them in the comments below! Thank you for reading!
xoxo, K

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