Two Piece Bathing Suits || PLUS SIZE

Being a Texas girl I know very well that the only season Texas has is SUMMER.
What does that mean for me? That means I have to adjust my makeup, constantly check my hair, and wear little to no clothes. Summer year round also means endless supply of bathing suits!
I’ve been a plus size beauty the moment I was born but I’ve always found ways to wear what I wanted without feeling guilty about it (Not that we should, but society thinks so. Grrr) When it comes to bathing suits I love bikini’s as much as the next girl and I’ve learned how to wear them according to my body.
I’m very self conscious about my belly since I have a pooch that I dislike; to combat this, high waists are my best friend. Anything high waisted is a “yes” for me, and bathing suits are no different. When I’m looking for bathing suits I immediately search for high waisted bottoms but when choosing the size of these I may go up a size. The reason? If the bottoms are a little too tight they may create an even bigger pooch, which we want to keep away from. To avoid this go up a size if you have to, but make sure it’s not too loose either. You don’t want your bottoms to fall down as you pull yourself out of the pool (Learn from my experience).
The bathing suits that I’m about to talk about are from a website called Cupshe. This is not a sponsored post, I actually found this site on Pinterest. The reason that I was drawn to this site was not only the unique bathing suit styles and patterns but as well as the sizes they offer and the prices. I’m a size 14 in US sizing, which means this booty fits in XL or 1X sizes; These sizes are hard to come by if you’re not in a designated site or store for curvy women.

This site is not only for bathing suits, they also sell clothings and accessories but this was my first purchase and the bathing suits were what caught my eye.

The sites sizes range from Small to XXXL which is amazing for curvy women. Anything above a 1X is limited since their Plus Size section is a little small at the moment but I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.
Let’s get into the details of the two bathing suits I purchased.

Cupshe Seaside Soiree Shell Bikini Set
$22.99 USD
This was the bathing suit that made me click the link to CUPSHE. It was very mermaid esque. The details in the bathing suit are beautiful, faux pearls are used around the neck as well as on the bikini bottom. The colors are a beautiful gradient from blue to pink. I think this bathing suit is most girl’s dream bathing suit. It made me feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
I wanted to mention the clasp in the back because I know we all hate when we have to ask someone to tie our bathing suit for us, but this bathing suit allows you to skip that. It’s an easy accessible hook that you can do on your own. 

Cupshe Turn Back Time Tassel Oversized Bikini Set
$21.99 USD
I skipped the major details of this bathing suit because the Seaside shell bikini and this tassel bikini have the same hook detailing. 
The one major thing I do want to talk about is the material on this bikini. I felt that the tassels on the bikini were done with poor material making it feel quite cheap. I do love the way it looks but the feeling of the tassels on my skin are not my favorite. 
After ordering my bathing suits I waited for about 2-3 weeks on their arrival but I was notified anytime my shipment made any movement. They are shipped from Germany so please be patient if you do decide to order from this site.
I apologize for a very short haul/review, I wanted to purchase a few items and make sure I liked the products overall before investing in a company I was not happy with. I have yet to put them to the test and wear them to the beach or a pool but I will keep y’all posted.
I hope to have a Plus Size series where I style different outfits according to my body. Let me know what you’d like to see! 
xoxo, K

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