V Lashes by V Beauty Full Review

The RGV has begun to fill up with bloggers, influencers, makeup artists and enthusiasts within the last year and a half. With this growth, it was finally time to see the next step our little bubbled up area would take.

Veronica Hernandez has been a makeup artists in the RGV for two years but when she was tired of throwing away her lashes after 2 wears, she was inspired to bring her own mink lashes to the Valley. Veronica launched her first beauty product, V Lashes on Monday. V Lashes are a product of V Beauty, her own personal brand.  These lashes are 100% mink eyelashes, which “gives a more glam look,” but not only does this mean that the quality of the lashes is perf but the life of the lashes is longer than those dollar lashes you get downtown.

So let’s talk about them for real. 

V Lashes in Style Amada

I don’t wear lashes very often so when Vero gave me a pair I was a little intimidated. They are dark dramatic lashes which are so different from my usual blend-in-with-my-natural-lash falsies, which I usually get from downtown ?


Let’s start off with the packaging. It’s a black container with a gold foil logo imprinted on the front and gold accent inside. The container also has a clear peephole to display the lashes. So, lessbeehonest the packaging is beautiful, gold always makes me feel fancy and important so she really knew how to get me.


I mentioned that the lashes were made of 100% mink. This is something a lot of makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts look for because it helps with lash life and the overall look of the lashes. They look “natural” compared to some lashes that give off some plastic vibes. The lash-band was a little too thick for my liking but then again ya girl doesn’t do dramatic lashes so it’s not my norm. I do have to say though, for someone who doesn’t use eyeliner, the band blended seamlessly into my natural lash line.

P R A C T I C A L I T Y & P R I C E

Mink lashes usually last 10-15 wears, compare that to my pulga lashes which do not. If you’re anything like me, who doesn’t wear lashes that often, maybe these lashes could work for you. The price is higher than I want to pay for something because coda is my middle name but I don’t use lashes very often so $15 – $18 doesn’t seem like a lot in the long run. If you wear lashes daily these might not be budget friendly, unless you got money, then girl, heeeeyyyy I could swing that way, si tu quieres…?


What do I think of the lashes as a whole? I really do love the lashes and the packaging, no argument there. I can’t wait to see more styles and try them out because the only “tame” style she currently has is Dulce and those are still too GLAM for me–I think–those will be the next style I’ll test. The pricing is similar to most mink lashes that I’ve seen but I know if I have a special occasion where I wanna knock everyone dead with my good looks and curves I’d totally reach for one of these babies.

B O N U S    T I P S !!

  • WE CAN STILL SEE: As someone who wears glasses every day, lashes usually don’t mix well with them but after wearing the falsies out, I approve. I got home with smudge-free lenses which were proof that my lashes didn’t brush up against the glass!
  • TRIM TRIM TRIM: I feel like this is obvious but always measure your lashes before application and trim if needed. I applied them without measuring which resulted in a little discomfort but it was obviously my fault.

This is a big step for my little area and I can’t wait to see the doors this launch has opened. I wish Vero so much success and I can’t wait to see what else she brings to the RGV.

What are your fave falsies?

-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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