What Drinks to Best Stock Your Fridge With

In the past 3 years of having Lipstick and Vodka I’ve had my fair share of cocktails, wines, liquors, wine coolers, etc. and as I’m currently moving out of my parent’s house and moving into my own home (can we say bachelorette pad?!) I’ve been thinking about the necessities I will need in my home. As a cocktail connoisseur, one of those necessities is a stocked fridge with drinks for myself and my guests.

I think you should always have at least a little something of everything so I’ll tell you what I’m gathering for my bachelorette pad.


How does one even survive without tequila?! These are made for great nights and bad decisions. I remember dating a guy who wasn’t Latino and he was so surprised how much my family, aka Latinos, loved their tequila.  We had a margarita machine, caretas and salty dogs all on deck and tequila surrounded every corner “just in case.”  1800 Silver Tequila is the one I pick up but if you want a different brand, my best tip for you is to choose a silver over a reposado or añejo. My reasoning behind this is that silver is great for mixed drinks and shots while the añejo and reposado are best used in cocktails.


Rum is something I like to have to maintain the neutrality of my drinks. Not all my friends love that burning-in-your-throat type of drink and rum is a great balance because it’s great for fruity drinks which are easier on your guests/ throats. I pick up Malibu Coconut Rum and pineapple juice to create a simple yet delicious drink. It was also one of the first cocktails I had and loved because it just tasted like juice but I still got a buzz.


I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day article that wine is a great muscle relaxer and I still stand by this. This is also great to have not only for your bad days but also great for celebrations and girls night in. Keep in mind that not everyone loves wine, and there is such a big variety, so be careful with your selection. Having a red and a white wine is the safest way to go. Ste. Genevive is a staple in my household for red wines and Moscato is as basic as you can get.

W I N E   C O O L E R S

Wine coolers are basically the starter kit for any Borrachx because these were the drinks you’d have at your family’s carne asada. My family’s preferred wine coolers are Smirnoff Pineapple with trechas. ?My mouth just watered just thinking about it. It’s such a simple and fast drink to get together and if you’re like us, carne asadas are a weekly thing. I’m not always going to bring over a bottle of tequila because that shit won’t last but my Smirnoff will. You just gotta pack yourself some limes, trechas and your six-pack of Smirnoff and you’re good to go!


These are just the basics. Of course, I’m missing some other drinks I like to sip on occasionally, but we can save those for another time if you’d like.

What do you like to stock your fridge with?

-Adios Borrachx!

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