What To Gift Yourself This Valentines Day

Self-love this valentines day is key, especially when you’re a single pringle like me. Through all of my rom-com binges and stuffing my face with Blue Bell Ice Cream (because duh), I figured out the perfect pick me up: a Jord Watch. Ok ok ok, hear me out, you should always spoil yourself because you’re the only person who knows what you really deserve and plus, I’ve always wanted to buy myself a watch.

Watches are timeless pieces that never go out of style and they just scream “success!” I figured since I’m single and some of my Borrachxs are single too we should join together and buy ourselves a gift. I mean, if you’re not a single pringle like the rest of us, then you’re more than welcome to buy your partner a watch too. They have styles for men and women, so everyone can get a watch!


They’re handcrafted wooden watches which means they’re unique and meaningful. An artist or designer from Jord really took the time to design this watch. They’re sleek and modern because watches made out of wood are totally stepping outside of the box.


I’ve had a few posts and videos that highlight how to live a sustainable lifestyle or how to improve your lifestyle through cruelty-free products but I love how this is one of Jord‘s top priorities. So if this is important to you then maybe looking into Jord is a good idea.


To be a happy single gal (or guy,) knowing your worth is a must. These handcrafted watches differ in prices, depending on what style you fall in love with, but believe me, you’re worth it. I’m obsessed with my Purpleheart & Plum watch because have you noticed, it’s the perfect Lipstick and Vodka color?


Whether you’re spoiling yourself or buying for your loved one I think engraving something is something that not only makes it more personal but it reminds you of that person, always.  I engraved mine with “L&V” for Lipstick and Vodka because it means the world to me and I wanted something that represented me and who I was at this time. (Super sentimental, I know.)


Wanting to get yourself a watch but the price is a little steep? Jord and I partnered up to give one lucky winner $100 off a watch but here’s a secret… even if you don’t win, you still get 10% off of one! You’re welcome ? to Enter the giveaway you just need to fill out the form here 




-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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