What is this BRUJERIA? The Ultra Dilly!

Things that are always on my mind: drinks, drinks, and MORE drinks! I try to find the most unique bars, inexpensive happy hours or the weirdest or rarest type of drink I can find when I go out but it’s a little difficult when living in the RGV. The Rio Grande Valley has a unique culture which is highly influenced by Mexico and although this has it’s setbacks, it has its major advantages, like having chamoy and lucas flavored anything readily available.

Who knew these childhood flavors could be made into adult cocktails? Brujeria Night Club executes this perfectly when they created their ULTRA DILLY cocktail. It’s a cocktail served over ice in a pitcher that has watermelon vodka, fruit purees, pickles, Airhead Extremes and something else because there is no way in hell that this was made with JUST that.

I have been craving raspas for the past 2 months because for some reason my body doesn’t understand the concept of winter and my mind is always in summer mode. The Ultra Dilly me quito las ganas of a raspa, if I’m completely honest. I could hardly tell the difference between this and a raspa and I loved it.

The only thing I would change is the taste of alcohol in my drink! You all know I like living on the edge, which means I love all my drinks to have that burning sensation due to a high volume of shots poured into a glass. When I got my hands on the Ultra Dilly, it was perfection, but I’ll be asking for an extra shot of vodka or two next time I order it. 

My bestie, shared this drink with me because Borracha or not, I gotta be responsible and save room for shots! My crazy ass decided to try the Mango Habanero shot and I LOVED it! It was sweet and spicy but like SPICY SPICY. If you’re in the mood for adventure I truly recommend the Mango Habanero shot! Just proceed with caution… My bestie couldn’t deal with the fire!

Overall, I fell in love with the drinks and how much time they put in to get the flavors just right. Paul, my bartender, gave me a shot that has a name that’s totally NSFW… are you ready?

TWO SMURF’S FUCKIN’ INSIDE A GUMBALL MACHINE! LOL my literal reaction was “What the fuck?!” It was a blue, whiskey-based shot, and I couldn’t handle it! The whiskey flavor was prominent, but not in a bad way, but you all know me, I’m not a whiskey girl. Tequila and Vodka, please!

If you’re looking for an adult beverage that fully encompasses what the RGV stands for then totally check out Brujeria and have their ULTRA DILLY cocktail. Be prepared because this is not your baby cocktail served in a glass, grab a group or just yourself and chug this baby pitcher down!

If you get a chance to visit Brujeria, me invitan, send me pics or tag me on your favorite drink!


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