What You NEED In Your Purse

I love to always be prepared. I plan way in advance, I’m talking months, sometimes years. So you can count on me on planning for the day, and how do I do this exactly? Well I plan on having the most successful day possible and I pack my purse accordingly; I also pack with any type of mishap in mind. So what do I pack in my purse to have the most successful day possible?

  • Planner: Okay, who would I be if I didn’t pack my planner every day? I’ve mentioned how important this baby is to me so a successful day wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for my planner.
  • Charger: If you’re anything like me, you are constantly on your phone checking emails, texting, receiving phone calls, etc, etc. but if you plan to be out of your house for a majority of the day, I suggest you to take your charger. It’s 2015 people, no one gives you nasty looks now if you decide to take an outlet at a restaurant, at the mall, or wherever you are.
  • Gum/Mints: This is a given. If you are working, going to school, shopping, whatever, you are going to eat and have a not so fresh breath. I always have mints in my purse for those days that I can’t go home and wash out my mouth after a hearty lunch. I’ve also mentioned in my What’s In My Bag Video that they also aid in tummy aches or those times that I am hungry but it’s not my lunch hour just yet. 
  • Snacks: Granola bars are always packed up in my bag. Two granola bars in my purse are my max. We all need some snacks and granola bars are just easy to throw in your bag and go.
  • Wallet: I know people don’t usually forget this, but there are times I have been switching out of a purse and the next day I forge that I did, so I will leave with a semi empty purse. (DON’T JUDGE ME) So don’t forget your wallet babes! You need your cash, credit cards, your ID, everything!
  • Makeup Bag: I don’t ALWAYS do this because I’m not normally gone all day so when it is time to reapply, I’m already home. For the days that I will be gone all day, I pack up my make up bag with pressed powder, blush, and my lipstick of the day. Nothing too major but just enough to get rid of the oily mess that has happened throughout the day and lipstick in case I ate it during lunch haha 
  • Hand Sanitizer: I mean who doesn’t need hand sanitizer in their life? I’m not a germaphobe but I like to use this after a sneeze or if I have touched anything that I felt was dirty and I cannot find a restroom at that moment.
  • Feminine Products: This is just a must as a woman. I’m sure by this time we all know when our period is coming for a visit, but of course these can be back ups, some women are irregular on their monthly friend, and sometimes we just need to ally together and help other women in need. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.
  • Water Bottle: You need to stay hydrated ladies, don’t forget you need it.
  • Ipod & earphones: This isn’t necessary, but if you are a student or have free time where you don’t have anything important to do, this is probably needed. I use this when I am studying or writing papers. 
  •  Medication: If you have medication you need to be taken throughout the day you know how important this is. I don’t take medication but the Saba Products I have spoken about in my videos, I do have in my purse on a daily basis. 
These are the items I carry in my purse on a daily basis to ensure that my day will go smoothly. Of course there are times not everything goes according to plan, but most of the time I have everything I need. 
Thank you for taking your time to read and please let me know what you pack up in your purse on a daily basis to make sure your day is going smoothly!
I love y’all & I can’t wait to get back from Florida to talk to y’all! 
xoxo, K

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