Who Knew Black and Blue Could Feel So Good?

When I think about drinking it’s not usually work related and I’m usually not so classy about it, but when your boss invites you out for cocktails, how does one say no? Simple: you don’t. 
You pack up your laptop, all 4 planners and get cocktails with your boss.
My boss, Giselle, is this incredible girl boss that truly radiates with confidence and you just gravitate towards her. When she found out that I was lacking in my culinary development she took it upon herself to show me the good life.

I’m not a food critic by all means but what I can do is tell you when I’ve found a mean cocktail!
Walking into SALT I felt so underdressed because here was Giselle, this amazing girl boss always look fab, my co-worker Genesis who is always prepped for work, and here I was, in ripped jeans, a black tank, a cardigan with a hole on the sleeve and sneakers (why am I like this? ).

After a while, I got over myself and we ordered food. Giselle wasn’t very specific in ordering so she literally ordered everything off the menu and we picked off of each plate, really indulging each bite. While everyone else enjoyed their food, I enjoyed a cocktail…. or two.

For the ladies that love to drink, like me ?you need to try SALT’s Black and Blue! I swear I’m not kidding when I say this is literal heaven in a glass. I tend to gravitate towards a strong, feel-the-alcohol-burning-while-it-goes-down kind of drink (can you tell I’m a college student??) but the Black and Blue had me at first sip, even without the burning sensation.
So why do I love a drink that doesn’t remind me of bad mistakes? 2 reasons:
Black and Blue
1. Different Flavors: Being an avid club goer I’m not used to cocktails that have so much sophistication to them but SALT paid so much attention to this drink that you could taste each individual ingredient separately which made my experience so amazing. It was life changing, I’m not even exaggerating.
2. I Felt Expensive: ok, what? I know that sounds weird but as a college student, money is low so cheap liquor and fruity chasers are the usual for us, but this drink made me feel so fancy. You could see the muddled berries through the glass, the pulp mixed around, and it was all topped with a small wooden skewer with black and blue berries. My usual drinks are
placed in red cups and drank fast, no time to notice fine details like that.
Look at me, so fancy now that I’ve upgraded to a grown up cocktail ? or should I say cocktailsssss. Obvio (obviously) I had more than one. My second baby? The Prickly Pear. Although it was good, you never forget your first love and that Black and Blue, forever has my heart.
The Prickly Pear (half gone)
So what’s the takeaway from this?
You’re only as fancy as your cocktails allow you to be and you have to expand your cocktail horizons before you can understand what’s the best.
I love talking liquor with you, which drink should I try next?
Adios Borrachas ?

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