Why I Hate New Years Resolutions

With New Years right around the corner, resolutions aren’t too far behind. Every year we begin to plan out what our new year will look like and make a long list of things we must achieve throughout the next 365 days. We usually fail around February. Last year I changed my ways and I didn’t make a list of things I must achieve. I know SHOCKER!

Last year right around this time, I was trying to figure out how to have a successful and productive 2018. Two thousand seventeen was a year where my blog and podcast got the short end of the stick and I didn’t give those projects enough attention. I would sporadically release articles on the blog and inconsistently uploaded on the podcast. I chose that instead of making a to-do list for the year, I would choose a word that would represent my entire year.

The reason that I did this instead of my lengthy to-do list is that it made it less daunting. I went on about my day and anytime I felt lazy or when I didn’t want to do something, I remembered the word and it motivated me to do what I needed to do.

This word should be something that is easily applicable to each and every project that you hope to tackle this year.

Last year I chose the word CONSISTENT. I wanted to consistently create content for Borrachx Radio. I wanted to consistently interact with Borrachxs. I wanted to consistently be active on all social media platforms. I wanted to consistently go to the gym.

As 2018 comes to an end, I’m reevaluating this experiment and I must say it has shown a lot of potentials. This is the first year I have been consistently active on social media. I’ve uploaded new episodes each week on Borrachx Radio. I’ve created a safe place to interact with my Borrachxs on Wasted Wednesday. I’ve gone to the gym almost religiously for the past 9 months.

This is the first year I don’t fall short on my yearly goals, which shows a lot of promise for this new take on new years resolutions.

My word for 2019 will be INTENTIONAL. I want to intentionally create content. I want to intentionally go to the gym; meaning I want to go knowing what I’m doing to naturally alter my body. I want to intentionally start my day; understand my purpose.

How do you effectively start your new year?

-Adios Borrachxs!

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