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Okay, okay, okay. I’m officially back… I’m done with the chingaderas. I swear. ??‍♀️

Although I’ve been away from the blog for a minute I’ve still been searching for places, drinks, and products to share with you.

One of the things I’ve stumbled upon during my time away was Venus Styles Salon. It’s this super cute modern salon that opened up a few months ago, in Weslaco, TX. When I walked in I immediately fell in love with the earth tones and the pop of yellow that decorated the salon.

I was taken back by the fact that the owner, Carla Lopez, is only 20 years old. Can we say GIRL BOSS?!

Carla was inspired by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love when she was still studying to become a stylist. Although it wasn’t her intention to open a salon at such a young age, Carla wanted to create something for her hometown where the commute didn’t have to be too long in order to get amazing hair results.

Venus Styles Salon is a hidden gem in Weslaco. Located across a Walmart in a small plaza with minimal banners/ signs but I promise it’s worth the search.

Carla, owner/ head stylist, is certified in Sassoon, which means that she is certified in the original skills of hair cutting aka badassery.

If you’re looking for a new place to check out, head over to Venus Styles! She is well educated in her craft and she will share her knowledge with you! I mean, if you watch our video replay on Facebook you’ll see her totally school my ass on hair but she did share some amazing tips.

She taught me that gray hair is not for me because soy una huevona and I’m not down for a lot of maintenance.

If you’re not on board with the whole “new year, new me” and you don’t want a new hair color, they also offer other services.



Waxing pa las peludas, haircuts to maintain the mane, updos for those special occasions, and Brazilian blowouts, which makes me feel super fancy. I feel like “I’m too bougie to dry my own hair ??‍♀️” and we all need one of those services once in a while.

What’s a service you want to try?





-Adios Borrachxs! ?

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