You’re YOUR Kind of Beautiful

So I watched Em Ford’s You Look Disgusting video and it made me realize so many things. I don’t ever want to put the idea or the image that my blog/videos are about looking perfect 100% of the time, and I really hope I never come off that way. I want all of you to FEEL great 100% of the time. I created this blog to help girls find their inner confidence, not to put them down and make them feel less than. I have always struggled with my body image, I have disliked what I’ve seen in the mirror and I’ve felt less than. Less than all those girls I see on youtube, magazines, TV, and sometimes my friends. I have always felt that I was always the ugly duckling of my group because I always thought my friends were so gorgeous, and they still are, but I am too! As I got older I realized the girls on youtube don’t always have their make up done and look perfect 100% of the time, it’s all for the video. The girls in the magazines are photoshopped, the women on TV as well, and my friends are pretty in their own way, JUST LIKE ME!
The reason I want you all to know this is because you are beautiful. You’re YOUR kind of beautiful.  We all have things we don’t like about ourselves but that should not define who you are! I don’t like the cellulite on my legs or how my arms jiggle when I dance zumba, but I know I’m beautiful no matter what! I’m imperfect but that doesn’t dictate my worth, and your imperfections do not dictate yours.

I apologize for the small rant, but I want everyone to understand that they are all beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise!

xoxo, K

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