Girl, Let Him Go

Situationships are tricky. You’ve invested time, energy, and not to mention, emotions but in the end, there is nothing to keep you or the other person in this “relationship.” I’ve found myself in this sticky situation and now, I’m trying to escape the harsh reality that it didn’t work out. Here are 5 ways I’m getting over my situationship.

Staying Busy
Keeping busy helps keep your mind off of things. If your “break up” was messy, or if one person didn’t want to end things keeping busy is the only way to get around navigating your life. If you have too much time on your hands, you’ll end up thinking about the what if’s, why’s and what the f*ck happened?!
Set New Goals
It’s all about the glow-up, right? I always find myself trying to become a better version of myself when I’m going through a tough time. This makes me feel productive and it reminds me that I can do things all by myself. I’ve set new financial goals, fitness goals, and overall lifestyle goals. Next time you want to cry about a guy, remind yourself you can do it without him!
Make Time for Friends
Making time with your friends is so valuable. They’ll keep you company, listen to you if you need it, and lastly, make you forget about how sad you might be. Friends are there to be a shoulder to cry on or someone to help in the healing process, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
There are always things we deprive ourselves of when in a relationship. This may be due to a compromise or you just never had time but now is the time! Did you want to join that softball league? DO IT! Did you want to go mountain climbing? DO IT! Did you want to buy yourself something expensive? DO IT!! Do it all and don’t feel bad about it.
Allow Yourself to Cry
Part of any breakup, relationship or not, is that it can be tough. Emotions do happen but realizing that these feelings are only for a moment and not the end all be all is important to note. Let yourself cry for 5 minutes or an hour but always pick yourself up and remember you’ll get through it.

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