How I Style Graphic Tees

I’ve said it time and time again but fashion and I don’t mix. I’d choose comfortability over a fashion statement any day. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I try to look nice but 9 times out of 10 I’ll choose a tee over a nice blouse. My outfits also have a lot to do with how I feel that day, although most of the time I’ll choose ripped jeans and a tee. Graphic tees weren’t my usual go-to but as of late, I’ve found some cute ass graphic tees, that speak to my little Mexican heart. I say Mexican because they’re in Spanish!! I fucking love it!

I tend to go the basic route when it comes to styling my graphic tees because simplicity is my favorite word and I mean the point of a graphic tee is so you can just throw it on, right? If you said no, I guess I’ll try to style it for you while I show you my favorite graphic tees at the moment.

Rosé Güey…

Graphic tee numero uno is… Rosé Güey by Mexicated because if drinks aren’t involved, I don’t want it. This tee is super cute and so girly. I’m usually not a pink and gold kind of gal. Give me ripped skinnies, a denim jacket, and some boots and you got my outfit. I made this my own by incorporating my skinnies but using a light colored booty to continue the light color palette. Also, the fit and feel of this tee are seriously so comfortable and soft! I swear!


La Mera Chingona

Graphic tee number two is by Gorgeous Glam. It’s their Chingona tee because my dad always said I’d grow up to be a chingona and hello, here I am. I, of course, had to cut it up and add some edge to it. I styled it with some classic faded ripped jeans and black heeled booties. This is out of stock because they’re launching their new collection soon but you can create this same look with any tee!



Con el Nopal en La Mera Frente

Tee number three is such a cute tee that reads “Nopalitos” by The Esperanza. I thought it was so cute because los Mexicanos tienen el nopal en la mera frente but it added such an innocent feel to the usual harsh saying. Black skinnies sans rips and the light colored booties from earlier and you got my outfit. I love these jeans from torrid because they hide my lonjas and make me have curves (sort of)


However you style your favorite tees, you gotta admit these are cute af!

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  1. Graphic tees are literally one of the best things you can add to your wardrobe. I love all of them especially the yellow one. It’s super edgy.

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